“Love with every stranger

The stranger the better

Love with every stranger

The stranger the better” -- Hozier

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Physical Appearance[edit | edit source]

5'10" (178cm). 180lbs (81.5kgs). Long, jet-black hair. Sometimes styled into a bun. Chestnut skin. Golden eyes, can appear yellow or orange depending on the light setting. Two scars, both gunshot wounds. One scar is located just below his left breast and another is located just beside his rib cage on his right side. Athletic build.

Connected Characters[edit | edit source]

  • Family: Chandra Sapera [Shiloh.Nowles]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Full of energy and dynamism, he is a kind and friendly creature. Humble with very little ego. Wary of physical confrontations. Honest to a fault. Empathetic without usually being overly-sensitive. Extrovert.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Athletic Awards:
    • 2008 Boys Track / Field Michigan LP Division 2 Winner- 400m, 1600m Relay
    • 2009 Boys Track / Field Michigan LP Division 2 Winner- 3200m, Pole Vault, 300m Hurdles
    • 2010 Michigan Swimming Meet Championship - 500m Freestyle
    • 2018 TCS New York City Marathon - 26th Place
  • Military Service (2010-2016):
    • Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal
    • Purple Heart Medal
    • Navy and Marine Corps Medal
    • Afghanistan Campaign Medal (Transition I / Transition II)
  • Training:
    • 2020 American Red Cross CPR, AED and First Aid Certified
    • 2019 B.Sc. Environmental Science SUNY - College of Environmental Science and Forestry
    • 2019 Seasonal Law Enforcement Training Program (SLETP) - Temple University
    • 2018 SARTECH III (Search and Rescue Training) Certified

History[edit | edit source]

Vishaal was born in Pune, India to the daughter of a shamen (Witch) named Chandra Sapera. His mother had grown up with her father having been a cruel and oppressive figure in her life. Disappointed that she had never shown an aptitude for magic like him, he had sought to transform her into a shamen herself, often by torturing her in inhumane ways. She sought herself a normal life, wanting only to be part of a family that was whole and complete. She married and escaped to the United States with her husband to search for that life, however she realized the life she had chosen for herself was not all that she had dreamed about. Vishaal's father beat both Vishaal and his mother and molested Vishaal's sister. His upbringing was one of fear and persecution. He'd inherited his mother's disposition rather than his father's and wanted to become an artist. Early on he showed promise in music and art and while he was urged to learn and perform the violin, his other creative outlets were stifled, mostly because his father saw them as inappropriate for his only, male offspring. His father would force him to become a doctor like he had been and like his sister was training to become. He was forced to join sports in which he excelled. At first he hated his father for this but slowly he began to enjoy Track and Field and Swimming. But still his father pushed him too far and when Vishaal was caught making out with a male friend he had brought home his father beat him and threatened to kick him out of the house. Vishaal stayed with his friend through his remaining year of High School, graduated, and then disappointed his father by signing up for the Marines.

For being such a gentle soul his experience in the Marines was in the end a positive experience for him. Already with some discipline, the military helped to concentrate his focus and harden the inner shell that he hid underneath warm smiles and easy eyes. Vishaal was a good soldier and even received a commendation for good conduct, mostly because he was always willing to take the jobs that no one else wanted. Not that he was a pushover. Rather than be teased for his somewhat neuter or feminine qualities, his military friends and his unit were very supportive of him and he still to this day keeps in contact with many of the friends he'd made while in the service. About three years into his service Vishaal was awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Medal for saving a drowning shipmate in the ocean off of the coast of Oman. A year and a half later and Vishaal was shot in Afghanistan in the torso. He was honorably discharged later that same year.

After his service Vishaal found a home in New York state, away from his family who was still living in Michigan. After years of receiving letters while in the military and responding to none of them they had finally stopped attempting to talk to him and they have not spoken since. Vishaal spent a brief period of time fighting with an opioid addiction, and went to rehabilitation for his addiction before he was able to clean himself up. He applied for SUNY and got in. He also started an internship with the National Park Service. In 2019 Vishaal hiked the entirety of the Appalachian Trail SOBO. On his way back NOBO he stopped in Clifton Forge and ended up being attacked by underdweller vampires. The experience traumatized him but also opened a door in his mind to questions that now needed answers. He started back up to New York State but found himself back in Clifton Forge after only a few weeks.

Vishaal at first stayed in the woods around Clifton Forge, camping in his tent and only venturing into town every few days for supplies. Eventually he became more integrated into the town, making friends and learning about new questions he should be asking, but not many more answers. He decided to settle and became a Forest Ranger after a position opened up locally. After a month of living in Clifton Forge Vishaal was given the answers to some of his questions in a very short span of time. He was attacked by a werewolf. His friend admitted to being a vampire to him. His grandfather arrived in town looking no older than he and revealed that he himself was a Witch. Curious as he was, Vishaal decided to stay and for a short while even become a Ghoul.

After a few months of living in Clifton Forge, Vishaal ran for Mayor. With his knowledge of the masquerade he hoped to unite factions across the city, or at least provide them a common place for them to resolve their differences peacefully. He also hoped to minimize the impact humans had on supernaturals and the impact supernaturals had on humans through ensuring cooperation of law enforcement, the Sip'n'Bite, the Clinic, and other businesses with obvious importance to the masquerade.

Other Information[edit | edit source]

  • Vish is aware of the masquerade and has limited knowledge on supernaturals including Werewolves and Vampires. He is aware of Hunters and Witches but knows next to nothing about them.
  • Due to City Hall being warded, any compulsion acted on Vishaal will likely be reverted once he enters in through the front doors of the building.
  • Often wears a pure Silver ring on his right hand. Also sometimes carries a Silver-edged Buck knife strapped to his lower back.
  • When in uniform Vishaal can be assumed to be carrying: a radio, a big can of bear spray, a revolver, limited ammunition for the revolver.
  • Vishaal bathes with soap and shampoo that is without any strong odor. It is specially made for this purpose. This does not mean that he is odorless himself, it just means that he typically won't smell strongly of anything except for his own natural, human scent fingerprint. Likely this would make him harder to detect or track through his scent. The motivation for this however is not to fool supers but to make sure that when he is working in the woods that he minimizes his impact to nature and the wildlife around him.
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