Patrick Bateman: 'When I see a pretty girl walking down the street, I think two things. One part wants me to take her out, talk to her, be real nice and sweet and treat her right.'

David Van Patten: And what did the other part think?

Patrick Bateman: "What her head would look like on a stick... "

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Kulvo's Playlist

Physical Appearance[edit | edit source]

6'7" (200cm). 220 lbs (99 kg). Beard formed to a braided point. Short, styled red hair. Pale, freckled skin. Gray-blue eyes that appear almost white when in the shadow. No scars. Thick midsection. Not particularly muscular. Birthmark on left, inside thigh. Picture available [*].

Personality[edit | edit source]

A stoic, Kulvo rarely allows his emotions to drive him. He is selfish, though he could be hardly described as a hedonist. His pleasure typically arises from the act of gaining power over others and the effect that it has on the people around him. He is extremely patient and typically very cautious. He respects authority when he knows that a given power structure will benefit him. He does not need the limelight, though he does enjoy it from time to time. Kulvo is deeply private and even under duress it is difficult to get a read on him, what he is thinking, what he is feeling. He would sell his grandma off if it pleased him, though he would hesitate to betray a friend, certainly as a businessman he values fair deals.

Connected Characters[edit | edit source]

  • Sire: Winter (Mateo Mendoza) [Ares.Afterthought]. Known associate [**].
  • Siblings: Giada Bedrosian (Final Death). [*]
  • Ghouls: Milo Tshaikovskaya [jackson.burckhardt]
  • Childe: Tryst Grimlee [pharin.hexem]
  • Grandchilde: Tytan Grimlee [tytan.dismantled]

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Supernatural Powers
    • Absorption (of characteristics and/or life-details of the victim through their blood)
    • Accelerated healing
    • Blush of life
    • Celerity
    • Domination (compulsion)
    • Immortality
    • Immunity to asphyxiation and drowning, diseases and poisons (and the inability to become intoxicated by substances)
    • Sense acuity
    • Sire bond telepathy
    • Super strength
    • Domination II
    • Domination III
    • Mist Form
    • Dream Manipulation
  • Formal Degrees and Certifications
    • Medicine. Humboldt University, Berlin 1835.
    • Economics. University of Zurich, Zurich 1860.
    • Law. Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms Universität, Bonn 1867.
    • Business. Harvard School of Business, Harvard 1912. Attended with the name Kulvothreinmaar. [*]
    • Biology. George Mason University, Fairfax 2015. Obtained illicitly through compulsion. [***]
    • Certificate of Residency at Inova Fairfax Medical Campus Program 2020. Obtained illicitly through compulsion. [***]
    • Virginia Department of Health Professions, Board of Medicine, General Practitioner certification 2020. Obtained illicitly through compulsion. [***]

History[edit | edit source]

Kulvo (James Houghton) grew up on a farm in Ireland in the year of 1788. The Irish were rebelling against their English masters. Unfortunately to have a successful revolution like the one happening overseas the populace would have needed to hit a tipping point. Support for the revolution was high among farmers like Kulvo’s father. From a young age Kulvo was trained to fight. His father prepared him for a revolution that for Kulvo would never come. His mother died in childbirth along with an unborn baby sister. He did have a number of older siblings, though most had left the family farm by the time that he was a pre-teen. When he was 10 his father was killed by the British in an failed invasion that had been accompanied by a French fleet. It was at this young age that Kulvo took over his family farm and took on the care of his two younger sisters, ages 8 and 9. A confused, angry boy, Kulvo found himself isolated with no way to express his rage except to put his sweat into the land. At 13 the Irish parliament was dismantled. Kulvo knew little about politics or about his own government, but he was angry. At age 15 Kulvo was recruited to join another attempt at an uprising. He agreed but at the last minute he avoided what would have been an assured, early death due to the responsibility he felt to his siblings.

Confused by the world, Kulvo was lured again, this time successfully into a secret society called Ribbonism. Foolishly believing that the organization would help his fellow Irishmen become independent he became a member. They mostly were concerned with killing or hurting landlords that treated their farmer tennants poorly.

Kulvo married and for a very short time stopped working with his comrades and things fell peaceful. They tried to have a child and failed a few times until finally it was that she died in childbirth along with the unborn baby. It struck Kulvo hard and his participation in Ribbonism intensified. After convincing his local chapter to attack his own tennant and beating the man to within an inch of his life he gained an enemy in the man. Shortly afterward a man was hired to kill Kulvo and he very nearly did. In the exchange one of Kulvo’s sisters was killed. Shortly afterward his other sister left for England and he was left alone on the farm. Cold and bitter Kulvo dreamed of getting out into the world and making a man of himself.

Winter found Kulvo when he was at this state in his life, disillusioned and unhappy. Giada and Winter’s relationship had hit a rough patch. Giada, talented as she was, had not met Winter’s unreasonably high standards and he had become disappointed by her. As a joke he had told her that he could find a stable boy to train that could become a better doctor than Giada. The joke turned real when Winter found Kulvo. There was an obvious attraction between the pair and on an impulse Winter turned Kulvo after the farmer expressed an interest in seeing the world. Winter offered the opportunity and Kulvo agreed thinking it was in jest and he couldn’t have been more wrong.

Kulvo was of course no doctor and he was in no place to want to be competitive, but Winter forced his hand. He trained to become a doctor and it quickly became apparent that Giada was much more talented. In fact it helped push Giada to outshine Winter. Kulvo resented her for that and Winter resented her for it, too.

The bond between Giada and Winter grew strong for a very long while and the one between Kulvo and the both of them was tenuous. He acted out and strove for attention and approval. He ran away a few times and started a few businesses, all which were either ruined all on their own or were sabotaged by either Winter or Giada. But eventually Kulvo managed to establish a thriving business on his own and at the same time Giada began to romance with a hunter. Kulvo became friends with the hunter over the course of a year and eventually betrayed him once he had won over his trust. He killed Giada's lover. The event caused Giada to leave both Kulvo and Winter and as a result Winter and Kulvo’s relationship became strained.

Without Giada the pair did eventually romance. They formed a bond that put Kulvo on the bad end of an abusive relationship. Winter isolated Kulvo from others, made decisions in Kulvo’s life on his behalf, and continually moved between stages of disapproval and obsession with Kulvo. Eventually Kulvo could not take it and he left, changing his name in the process. He left for America and started up a business there, becoming quite successful on his own, however it also left him alone in a new land.

Over time Kulvo was able to amass a good deal of wealth and at present owns a number of corporations, some real and some fronts for illegal activity. It took time for Giada to find him but eventually she tracked him down and asked for him to help with a clinic she was running in Clifton Forge. Kulvo bought the clinic and moved to Clifton Forge [*]. A short while later, perhaps sensing his two children had found each other once more, Winter came to live in Clifton Forge.

Other Information[edit | edit source]

  • Owns Accelerator International. Kulvo is listed as the CEO. It is incorporated in Wilmington, DE, USA [*]. The company was formed in 2012 and owns several other, older companies, each in different fields; one is in pharmaceuticals and is called Forerunner Medical; another is in logistics called Altitude Trucking; a third company is in real estate and is called Brannon Square [***].
    • Several subsidiaries of these companies are involved in criminal activity, although no activity is coordinated enough to as of yet be the target of an investigation. Many complaints have been filed, and bribes paid to bleed attention from these complaints. Some examples of this activity includes money laundering, trafficking, and smuggling. [***]
    • Several of the companies that are now owned by Accelerator International were once owned by a similar company called Presidential Foundries which was primarily concerned with the production of steel but owned smaller enterprises just as its successor [***]. This company was also led by a Kulvothreinmaar from about 1940 to 1970 [**].
  • No criminal record.
  • Legal name is Kulvothreinmaar, though some documents will show Kulvothreinmaar as one name, some will show Kulvo Threinmaar [**]. Social security cards with the name Kulvothreinmaar appear at least 3 times since 1900 [***].
  • Kulvothreinmaar appears to be a mix of Dutch, Celtic, and Finnish. There does not appear to be a meaning to the word, or if there was the meaning was lost. If pressed a linguist might hazard a guess after a few bottles of wine and say that it means "skinless locomotive" [**].
  • Rumor is Kulvo's finishing move is ripping off the arms, sticking a straw in and drinking it like a slushie.
  • A rigorous search for Culvo Thrinemar might find a blurry video from 1976 that shows with a similar appearance to the real Kulvothreinmaar playing the piano at a funeral for a Margret Beaulieu, a prominent businesswoman and the second female CEO of a Fortune 500 company. The song being played is Bach's "Little" Fugue in G minor. [***] [1]
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