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Current Lead[edit | edit source]

Paislee Redhawk (Paisleekleinfield)

Hours of Operation[edit | edit source]


Current NPCs[edit | edit source]

Jake is the NPC currently manning the front of the shop. He handles piercing and jewelry prices as well as scheduling. It should be noted that Jake is a werewolf and is able to take pack messages to pass them on to Paislee.

Things of Note IC[edit | edit source]

Inked smells heavily of werewolf and sterilty; any one with an enhanced sense of smell who is passing by would be able to catch the scent with relative ease. This may lead new wolves inside to investigate the origin of the scent. The glass at the front of the shop has been replaced with bullet proof glass after being broken one to many times. It should also be noted that this business is a good place to discuss supernatural matters plainly, as the walls are thick to prevent the sound of tattoo machines bleeding into the other shops, the staff are all supers and there is constantly music playing. There are no camera's outside of Inked itself, though there is an alarm which is armed every night at closing.

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