Carla Jean Moss : You don't have to do this.

Anton Chigurh : [smiles]  People always say the same thing.

Carla Jean Moss : What do they say?

Anton Chigurh : They say, "You don't have to do this."

Carla Jean Moss : You don't.

Anton Chigurh : Okay.

Physical Appearance[edit | edit source]

5'9" (175cm). 170lbs (77 kg). White hair. Light complexion. Muddy brown-green eyes. Tall, lanky build. Make-up covers two facial scars, one below his left cheek, another against the right side of his neck. Fading scar on his left leg just below his knee and another on his shoulder. Small, circular scar on his left hand. Small, faded circular scars on his chest right around his left breast. Faded marks can just barely be seen laterally across his midsection.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Snobbish, he has a taste for expensive things and has the money to buy them. Irritable, he often angers easily though often he will wear it quietly and lash out later in the most foul and hurtful ways. Focused, his attention rarely sways once he's gotten a whiff of something and once he bites onto something he doesn't let go; for that reason he is also gifted with perseverance. He is incredibly vain and will often go to great lengths to treat his scars, though he wears them with a bit of pride so there's no need to get rid of them completely. Damien lies very easily and has no problems putting on masks. He is a loner without any real friends and probably because of it he has a number of bad habits including smoking and drinking. He is a True Believer and a Christian and believes very much that supernaturals have no souls or have them but are otherwise corrupted by definition with no hope of being saved. Sadistic, he will use any power he gains to cause pain to others for his benefit, but he's also very ordered and believes in a hierarchy and will not typically break the rules.

Connected Characters[edit | edit source]

  • Sister's (Marina Reed) killer: Coira (toxynyx)
  • Ghouled by: Alina Beaumont (kyriana.beaumont)

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Advanced Abilities: True Aim

Divine Gifts: Smite

Lore Mastery:

  • Low levels of experience: Physical and Digital Penetration
  • Moderate: First Aid, Driving, Surveillance, Drugs/Poisons, Forgery
  • High: Mixed Martial Arts, Sharpshooting

Weapon proficiency: Rifle, Knife, Handgun

History[edit | edit source]

Damien Reed was raised in a wealthy, but quite deranged family in Spokane, Washington. He comes from an incestuous, pure-bred line of hunters that trace their origins all the way to 9th century Saxony. Members of the Illuminati, his parents brainwashed Damien at a young age to be a God-fearing man that would dedicate himself to the eradication of the enemies of man. His parents brought him up in near-isolation. He was home-schooled alongside his older sister, Marina. He trained along with her to become warrior from a young age. They were pitted against one another to fight year after year. She broke his leg in a fight when he was 10 and she was 14.

Marina and him grew up learning about the occult and about his descendants exploits. He was trained from a young age to lie and cheat and steal even though these tools would normally have been unnecessary for someone with his inheritance. When he was 14 he was charged and let go as a minor for attempting to obtain financial records that his parents had asked him to procure. His parents gave similar tasks to his sister, who was very much the prodigy. They never went a day without making sure that this message in particular was loud and clear- that she was the favorite and he was the black sheep. He went out of his way to try and prove himself, in some cases ending up in trouble with the law, in other cases becoming damaged by encounters with the supernatural. When into his late teens Damien discovered that he was homosexual he was desperate to deny it to himself and hide it from his conservative parents. Even as it became undeniable they were too frightened to confront it directly, but it helped to create another gap between him in his parents that was impassible.

His sister graduated college first. She moved out east and within two years of being initiated into the Order she was killed in a fight with a Werewolf. Damien would go on to graduate with a Graphic Arts degree. He was initiated into the Order and quickly outshined his sister. He managed to maintain a veneer of being high-class while not shirking from the needs of each specific kill. His parents refused to give him praise however. Damien has since become a mindless killer, detached from humanity, alone.

Other Information[edit | edit source]

Carrying (general):

Mace, silver-edged knife, semi-auto pistol with silver rounds and 2 clips, android smartphone, gold cross necklace, small flashlight, small vial of holy water, Swiss army knife

Carrying (only when in public):

Rasberry Pi with rootkit and dongle for phone and PC and Mac, snake ring (work on finger) with pure silver band

Carrying (only when out hunting):

Either (Rifle with 3 clips and a total of 21 silver bullets) or (CO2 Cartridge-based rifle with 6 tranquilizer rounds), few pills of diazepam, voice modulator, pliars, wooden stake

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