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Current Lead[edit | edit source]

Doctor Dallas Crowley (Vellette)

Hours of Operation[edit | edit source]

Hours of operation.

Primary Care Medical Clinic - for appointments and general care

  • Monday - Friday 7 a.m. – 7 p.m.
  • Saturday: 8 a.m. – noon
  • Sunday: closed

Urgent Care Hours

No appointment necessary.

  • Open 24 hours

Current NPCs[edit | edit source]

The Clinic is fully staffed by NPC's nurses, doctors, admitting staff and security at all times.

Debbie the Head Nurse. She's an older, 40 to 50 year old large build woman with graying hair and a kind face. She's not a push over. Usually wearing navy scrubs and roaming around the clinic helping patients. She has direct access to Dallas Crowley as she is loyal to her.

There are NPC badged and uniformed security on staff at all times. They probably hang around the front desk.

Other NPC's to be added.

Things of Note IC[edit | edit source]

The clinic is clean but usually smells very sterile.

The Clifton Forge Medical Clinic is considered a Level III Trauma Center. A Level III trauma center does not have the full availability of specialists but has resources for emergency resuscitation, surgery, and intensive care of most trauma patients. A Level III center has transfer agreements with Level I or Level II trauma centers that provide back-up resources for the care of patients with exceptionally severe injuries (such as multiple trauma). Our transfer agreement is with Lexington Memorial in Lexington, VA. This medical facility is reachable via the rezzer in world and IC'ly a drive down the road via ambulance, LifeFlight helicopter or by personal vehicle.

Security on the computers is by badge scan for employees only and leaves a trail of a log in for all computers. All medical records are electronic as there are no files. Prescriptions are electronic and sent directly to the pharmacy. There are no paper pads hanging around and if any are found, they are old and can still be used if found. Obtaining medical records, information, drugs, blood, medical supplies or any other item from the clinic is considered highly risky but not impossible.

There are cameras on all rooms and in the hallway as well as all patient rooms are monitored by either active hospital staff or NPC staff.

If you are a patient in the clinic, your bed is equipped with a weight alert that can tell if you have gotten out of bed. Depending on your injury, this can alert the staff or not. Most patients will be hooked up to a pulse monitor on the finger, blood pressure cuff on the upper arm or forearm and also an EKG heart monitor stuck to the chest by sticker leads if needed. These items are easily detachable but will alert medical staff to their removal. Release from medical care is done by patient request. You may always leave if you want to against medical advice. Otherwise, you would be released to home care with a responsible caregiver with home care notes. Those notes would have basic information on a diagnosis, treatment notes and medical follow up with a doctor. All official records would be signed off my a member of medical staff.

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