Chaos Canvas

Current Lead[edit | edit source]

Alyaste Fiora (Qynn spiritweaver)

Hours of Operation[edit | edit source]

Hours of operation.

Current NPCs[edit | edit source]

Any NPCs that can be found inside your business can be noted here.

Things of Note IC[edit | edit source]

Anything characters may stumble on should be input here! Cameras, traps, odd things of note. Anything and everything that can be used in RP should be listed here.

Monthly Showcase Event[edit | edit source]

Each month, an artist from the community will be chosen as a showcase guest artist.

The gallery is an In Character representation, so characters must also be an artist/photographer of some type and include RP to get showcased and contract for sell of individual prints/work in the gallery.

OOC Rules & Regulations[edit | edit source]

1. Artwork restrictions include pieces that are crafted by the player of the character themselves OOC, as we would love to promote active artists in the community to RP their work! These pieces are personal content, and may not be distributed OOC. Copyrights included. Please do not snapshot and pass around artwork OOC.

2. If a player can not contribute their own pieces, validated public domain pieces MAY be considered as an alternative to fit the theme of the character's work. This will be checked and limited.

3. Linden sales are not allowed. This is not an OOC gallery shop inside of the RP Shop, though active/showcased artists may include information to their outside representations. Website info, art instagram, twitch channels, ect ect may be include in an OOC info packet about the artist!

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