I'll find peace in the twisted corner of this world

And cut this pain away

I am addiction

I'll drag you right around into a spin

Physical Appearance[edit | edit source]

Alina is lithe in build, though she does possess a unique to her features. Before her death she was a true albino, suffering from Albinism of the skin and hair. She did have the most lavish, luxuriously seen icy blue eyes, before her death, her sire burnt her irises enough to pull the pigment from them, giving her the ethereally creepy hues that linger when she looks upon someone's face now. Her hair was rather long, and well kept, tendrils that line her face even now, from time to time, she does cut or color it.

Scars - Markings.

On her right cheek she bears a scarred small heart beneath left her eye. Also has several scarred hearts over her body, hips, pelvis and her ass cheek - Oliver Jordan

Upper Left side - Small Anchor with a heart carved into her skin scarred as well - Juno Morgan.

On her right side of her neck, an old scar from a Hunter's silver blade. - Aedric.

Along Alina's chest, and arms she is covered in scarification that was placed there right before she had been sired. - Vladimir Yurovsky.

She recently had another piece done on her left leg upper thigh, it is a filigree-lace pattern legband. - Damien Reed.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Alina's personality is something interesting at best, she does not often give into her beastial rages of her vampiric side, she always is on the air of calming and relaxed. She is sometimes feel like she's in the center of a storm, the calming eye that waivers around other people, she does not pull punches in her wording, she will tell you how it is, even if she is rather formal in the way she speaks, and the things that she does. She wrecks of old world and it is not surprising in the least for her.

She is rarely seen with a smile on her face, sometimes she does have the smallest smirk that crawls up onto her face, most people do not understand why she doesn't smile, but it takes those who know her history truly to fully comprehend why every time she does, it is a small moment of peace for the turmoiled vampiress.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Dream Manipulation

Empathy and Amplification

Psychic Vampirism

Antimagic - (drained from Felix Caine upon death)

Empath's Touch [Approved 9/7]

Flight - (Bonded - Henry)

Blood Manipulation (Bonded - Tomie)

Shadow-meld (Bonded - Tristan)

Aura Reading - ( Bonded - Kenshi Takemoto)

History[edit | edit source]

Tell us everything.

Rumors[edit | edit source]

It is rumored that she is married.

It is rumored that she has a fond affection when it comes to Hunters.

It is rumored that she has a side affair with a wolf.

It is rumored that she has a boyfriend, who is a hunter.

It is rumored that she is someone's pocket pet vampire.

Some people believe that she is far older than she leads on.

Some people believe that she never sleeps. No one can truly confirm yes or no.

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